Portable WiFi - Getting Started
Welcome to the best portable WiFi experience in Alberta! To begin using your Solis Lite, please carefully read through these instructions.
Important: All data plans will be activated no later than 11 am on the scheduled activation date. Your activation date can be found on the getting started booklet shipped with your Solis Lite Hotspot.
Fully charge the device using the provided cable before use.
Power On
Press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds.
Wait for Connection
It could take up to 5 minutes for your device to connect. When all connectivity Indicators are solid white, it is ready for use.
Connect up to 10 devices using the login credentials found on the bottom of your device.
Getting to Know Your Hotspot
LED Lights
User Interaction Device LED Lighting Graphic
Power On LED bar lights up
Power Off LED bar turns off
Boot Up LED bar animates back and forth until boot up is complete
Device has no service Flashing consistently until service found.
Device has no service LED bar is all white with 1 red light at the end
Battery Level Length of LED bar represents the battery level
Low Battery (<20%) LED bar end is red
Battery Charging In LED bar animates in the direction of charging
WiFi is ready to be used White solid light
WiFi not available yet / off Lights off
Data transfer is available White solid light
Data is currently being transferred White blinking light
Data is not available or turned off Lights off
Connected to a cellular tower White solid light
Attempting to connect to a cellular tower White blinking light
Failed to connect to a cellular tower in 6 minutes Red solid light
Device off Lights off
Firmware Update The three indicator lights flash red consistently until update is complete