Bundle Your Utilities and Save
Q Wave has partnered with a number of local companies to provide consumers with the ability to bundle any Internet plan with electricity and/or natural gas service. If you are located in Alberta, you may be able to save more on your electricity and/or natural gas services by adding a Q Wave Internet plan to your utility account.
Together, our partners service customers in over 400 communities across Alberta. Each small business has a unique story about why they chose to enter Alberta's utility market, and all are doing their part to keep jobs local and give back to their community in some way.
How to Start Bundling
Choose one of the local utility partners from the list below.
Sign up for electricity and/or natural gas using the online form found on their website.
Contact the partner's customer care team and request to add Internet service to your account.
Not sure which partner is right for you? Contact Us and one of our friendly team members will assist you.
Q Wave Alberta Electricity and Natural Gas Partners