Q Wave utilizes the infrastructure put in place across Canada by the "big guys", which means the reliability of your Internet connection will not change.
You have the freedom to choose an Internet provider outside of the usual corporate monopolies. We offer the same great Internet speeds, at a lower price.
Commitment Free
We want you to stay with us because you are happy, not because you are locked in to a contract. We give you the freedom to switch plans or cancel with us at any time.
Part of a Network of Local Businesses
Q Wave is part of the Utility Network & Partners Inc. (UTILITYnet) group of companies which has been doing business in Alberta for over 40 years. Through its unique business structure, UTILITYnet provides a barrier-free way for entrepreneurs, co-operatives, and municipalities to enter Alberta's utilities market, creating more locally-based choice for consumers.
Bundle Your Utilities and Save
Q Wave has partnered with a number of Albertan companies to provide consumers with the ability to bundle any Internet plan with electricity and/or natural gas service in Alberta.
Together, our partners service customers in over 400 communities across the province. Each small business has a unique story about why they chose to enter Alberta's utility market, and all are doing their part to keep jobs local and give back to their community in some way.